Martial Arts Class

Common Questions

Responses to Regular Inquiries


Can I try a class before I commit?

Of course! The first class is free to try.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Please wear clothes that you can easily move in. Bringing a water bottle is also recommended.

Do I need previous martial arts experience to join?

No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome to train at any age or experience level.

Do you have a family discount for multiple members?

Yes! Please contact me for details.

Should I buy a uniform?

There is no rush to get a uniform right away, but eventually all students will need a white Taekwondo or Karate style uniform. Any brand, etc, is fine. You can often find affordable uniforms at thrift stores!

Can I sign up for just once per week?

Yes, you can choose to come for 1 class a week, however the $90/month rate allows you to train up to twice per week. How many times you choose to come within your selected rate is up to you.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there are no extra fees for membership. The only other expenses will be for eventual belt promotion tests ($25).

Is competition mandatory?

 No, there is no pressure to enter into tournaments. Student that wish to compete are of course welcome to challenge themselves as well! However, please note that sparring is a part of regular class training that is very important in developing your skills to react under pressure.