Taekwondo Classes

Rate: $90/month up to 2 classes per week

          $100/month up to 3 classes per week

*All classes are 1 hour long

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

Beginner Kids Class

Building a strong foundation early:

Starting from age 5 and up, this class focuses on basic techniques and building good habits. Techniques covered include basic punches, kicks, blocks, simple tumbling and basic self-defense principles.


All Ages/Levels Class

Push yourself further:

This class focuses on building proper technique, physical conditioning and self-defense applications of the basics. Techniques are practiced in deeper detail with a focus on combinations and effective use of body mechanics.


Advanced Class

Diving Deeper

Aimed at students who have reached green belt or higher, this class focuses on advanced combinations, fine tuning technique variations, and more in-depth self defense principles.

Kick Practice

Private Lessons

Training that matches you goals:

Want to work on the basics? Get extra practice for your next belt test? Focus on conditioning? Private lessons are available to anyone looking for customized 1 on 1 training!

Rate: $25 per session (1 hour)