About the Instructor

Philip Reed has been training in martial arts since 1997 at the age of eight. He is a certified instructor by the Kukkiwon Taekwondo HQ in Korea, and focuses his lessons on practical technique applications and physical conditioning. From 2012-2021 he lived in Japan where he also earned his black belt in Karate, and blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu before eventually returning to Canada.

Philip teaches a thorough Taekwondo curriculum supplemented with techniques he learned during his Karate and Jiujitsu training as well.


Taekwondo 4th Degree Black Belt

• Former Instructor and student of Westside Taekwondo under Michael Smith

Karate 1st Degree Black Belt

• Trained under Hiroyuki Inagaki in Kyoto, Japan

Brazilian Jiujitsu Blue Belt

• 2014 Dumau Tokyo Championships Gold Medallist (Lightweight Champion)

• 2015 Las Conchas Tournament Silver Medallist

• Trained under Yuji Goto in Tokyo, Japan